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A trip on a boat is a story itself so like that you get to experience two things, and lets face it, nobody will ask you how to fly to Samoa, it’s easy, you book a ticket and take a plane from the airport, but people will definitely ask how that boat trip was 😉 I wasn’t looking up anything else about the islands, no facts about Samoan culture, no tourist attractions, nothing!I just wanted a nice not to expensive two weeks holiday on the tropical islands.He said the reason she hid the pregnancy was less about the church and for 'cultural reasons' to do with the traditional Samoan community, but he believed the father of the child was Samoan and had 'perhaps moved away'.Her social media account also reveals that in the months leading up to the day the woman secretly gave birth, dumped her newborn son and then was tracked down by police who charged her with attempted murder, the woman posts photo after photo of newborn relatives with loving messages.Rest your mind, body and heart you're gonna need the strength tomorrow.Love you xx'Doctors said the baby was able to survive in the drain because of a lack of rain causing storm water which might have drowned him, along with newborns' natural ability to survive without food or water.Baby in a drain: The five day old baby boy (left) who miraculously survived after being dumped down this drain (right) by his mother on the day of his birth during hot Spring conditions in western Sydney Postings on social media in the days after she dumped her son, but before the baby was found and alleged crime was detected, show her posing and looking pretty in a dress but also experiencing post-natal tiredness.

Likewise were the few hotels in Samoa I found online, so, in the end, I decided that my Samoa trip was going to be a blind date.I mentioned at one point that I traveled to Samoa when I was fed up with the cold and wet winter in Queenstown, New Zealand.This was a couple of years ago, and much has indeed changed since my trip to Samoa.For me and my friends, those things usually come at a later cost or we would think that there’s something fishy going on and they are used as a distraction.Nevertheless, the welcoming ritual was a very nice touch and somehow completed the hot, wet, tropical atmosphere.

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