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Simply highlight the desired area in your spreadsheet, then launch our table creation tool.It talks to Excel through the Active X channel (no clipboard or intermediate files) and then creates the best possible representation of your spreadsheet, including solid fills and truetype fonts.Not the greatest workflow, and in the end it still didn’t really look like it belonged in your document set.More recently, it’s actually become possible to create a Revit schedule from a spreadsheet, though the process is a little odd.

The results are lines, fills and mtext that can plot without problems and is highly portable to others.

Recent versions of Revit have added a fair bit of new functionality (and related API hooks) into schedules, particularly in the header portion of the schedule.

It’s now possible to subdivide a single header cell into as many rows and columns as you want, and define custom borders and content for them.

So when you reopen your drawing, XL2CAD quickly evaluates the tables in the drawing(including xrefs) and automatically updates only those that have changed!

Amazing Speed Having an accurate useable representation of your spreadsheet does not mean a compromise on speed.

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