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Thor (Stephen Wallem) has a big story arc this year that’s surprising and satisfying. Eddie (Paul Schulze) has a deep, deep involvement with Jackie both personal, professional and there’s some uncharacteristic danger involved in what goes on with his character. His struggle is that he’s in love with Carrie and Carrie loves him in a different way than he loves her. Having seen the series finales of several series in the past couple of years, I think they will be shocked and understanding and compassionate. If I can change the word closure to completeness, then yes. Going into this final season, was there anything you definitely wanted to include? We didn’t have to make any course corrections, other than the fact that Peter Facinelli is leaving the show, which caused us to do a little bit of storytelling gymnastics.

Jackie is a tough New York City ER nurse who’s not afraid to bend the rules — for her patients or for herself.

“Nurse Jackie” has always been something of an odd duck in scrubs – a half-hour series classified as a comedy due to length, not content.

When Edie Falco won an Emmy for the show in 2010, she protested from the stage that the award was “ridiculous,” adding, “I’m not funny.” Beyond being a sensational actress, Falco has a future if she ever wants it as a TV critic, which is not to say that her Showtime series lacked merit over its seven-year run, culminating in Sunday night’s somewhat rushed and mostly unsatisfying finale.

Once she gets her toe in the door, you can’t get her out. What does Jackie’s arrest do to her relationship with Kevin (Dominic Fumusa)? He’s got a really interesting story as well, which will just blow the audience away. He’s got his own personal issues that are very dramatic and that Jackie will get involved in. A huge secret will be revealed about Gloria Akalitus. Jackie has practically gotten away with murder throughout the series. There are several things you can do with an addict. It’s kind of what we were planning with what her getaway was going to be, but we completed that getaway in ours minds last year.

Kevin will find out about the accident because the car is still in his name. We love her because it’s Edie Falco and because we all have that pain. When Shalhoub’s casting was announced, it said his character had a special touch with Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith). She’s the one who’s least inclined to come around toward bringing Jackie back. You can have the addict die, you can have the addict be completely clean and have a happy life, or anywhere in between. Then we realized it felt like a series-ender and we just wanted a season-ender.

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