Elaborate dating scams

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The individual: Other notable examples include those with actual photographs used to deceive potential victims.

These images often appear to be modified or copied out of glamour magazines; unrealistically attractive or flawless people are often indicators of some degree of fraud.

A London woman is facing jail after being found guilty of cheating four men out of more than £100,000 in a complex online romance scam.

Grace Akintaro, 24, was convicted of seven counts of fraud by false representation, after Woolwich crown court heard how she constructed an elaborate alter ego, Amanda Jenson, to con her victims.

In January 2016, two London-based men defrauded a British women of £1.6 million through a romance scam.

Internet romance scams often take place through online dating services, such as and OKCupid.

She persuaded the men – who raised the alarm in 2014 – to pay travel expenses for meetings that never happened.

Detective Constable Mark Cresswell of FALCON said there were many more victims yet to come forward: "We managed to identify seven victims of this fraud but I suspect there are many more who have not contacted police.In common with much romance fraud, Akintaro found her victims on and used pictures she had stolen from someone else online who was unaware of the scam.Akintaro admitted talking to at least two victims by phone.Entrenched criminal organizations have greater resources to set up more believable scams, like those featuring the invented "John Scofield," a well-connected, handsome character living in Florida; Scofield's profile was used simultaneously in multiple scams around the country All demographics are at risk for online dating scams. But I don’t really know that the guy doesn’t love me.However, scams disproportionately target older women: 68% of complaints submitted in 2011 were targeted at women, and 82% of those affected women over 40 years of age. There was a guy that I met when I’m still at home in Florida (two month ago) so the guy told me that he love me. We have fun and know much more about each other together in the same room.

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