Middle eastern dating culture

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Because difficulties in one area of life spill over into the others, youth find themselves in a debilitating state.

Jobs require skills; housing and credit demand stable incomes; and marriage requires all of these.

Christians will have entertainment, a DJ or band/singer(s), belly dancers etc.

Some Muslims may have entertainment and some might not.

Today almost 50 percent of the men between the ages of 25 and 29 are not married.

Upon the couple's return from the courthouse, they join everyone for delicious food prepared by various relatives and friends.

The bride to be might have to change up to 5 dresses.

She will also be gifted many gold jewelry and diamonds as well.

No alcohol for some and Christians will definitely have "Arak" or open bar with various brand liquors.

In the Middle East the groom and his parents will pay for the entire wedding. The bride's parents might help out or even the couple themselves as they also have an income.

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