Modern dating style in china gretsch dating guitars

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Poor families sold their young daughters to rich families just because they could get some money from the rich family and also get rid of a useless female in the family.

In the past, parents arranged marriages were very common.

Usually young people would have their spouse decided by their parents.

Sometimes young people could only have the first look of their spouse at their wedding.

Because enterprises tend to favor male employees, child-rearing falls primarily to the women.

The one-child policy introduced in 1978 places huge pressures on young families, as the care for elder grandparents falls to one grandchild and his or her spouse.In China, usually the newly wedded couple will move to live with the boy's family.Sometimes it is not surprising to see that they will live with the girl's family.However, in these modern days, young couples would prefer to live alone without the parents if they can afford to pay for a new flat or house.One of the wedding procedure is that the bride has to prepare a dowry to be brought to the bridegroom's family on the wedding day.

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