Rrd cacti not updating Xxxcams toronto

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This is because your smallest resolution RRA is a Count 12, meaning you need 12 PDP to make one CDP.

die; while ( Command looks OK.

These values determine how many times the RRD file will miss data before inserting a Na N.

The monitored OID has value 47 and i have set min=0 and max=100. If the RRD is updating with new data but you're still getting Na N in your graphs then I suggest looking into the heartbeat and step values of the data source (via the data template) in relation to your polling interval and poller cronjob interval.

Structured RRD Path is selected, the folder named after the ID of the device is created immediately (unlike previous cacti version, where it was created by the poller) but with a wrong user owner and attributes, and it is impossible for the poller to write into such folder (apache:apache is the owner) This does not happend if Structured RRD Path is not selected, RRD files are created by the poller correctly.

Reason: chown can only be executed by Super User(root), so the if statement in lib/fails.

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