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When Alex stops Tayler from leaving town, Regan decides to offer her forgiveness to Tayler and welcomes her into the Drovers circle.A moment of thoughtless rivalry between Riley and Matt causes a serious accident, leaving them both trapped in danger of being electrocuted as a fire threatens to burn down the shearing shed.Episode 7.01 (171) Written by Nick Stevens & Jane Allen Directed by Arnie Custo Australia: Wed, February 07, 2007 (Nine) Canada: Mon, May 26, 2008 (Vision TV) Ratings: 1.181 million viewers (9th for the night) It's shearing time at Drovers Run, the weather is perfect and the girls are keen to get their first day started.However, Jodi's day is thrown into chaos when Matt suddenly returns.Meanwhile, Jodi is determined to help Riley make peace with his estranged father Bill when he visits Drovers Run.

Episode 7.09 (179) Written by Margaret Wilson Directed by Grant Brown Australia: April 18, 2007 Ratings: 1.243 millions viewers (4th) Canada: August 04, 2008 (Vision TV) Regan tries to reconcile with her wild-at-heart sister, Grace, after Grace inherits part-ownership of Drovers Run from Jodi.

Her zealousness, however, manages to get Marcus off-side.

Meanwhile, Riley is seduced by a sexy cowgirl, with disastrous results.

Episode 7.08 (178) Written by Michaeley O'Brien Directed by Richard Jasek Australia: April 11, 2007 Ratings: 1.333 millions viewers (2nd) Kate has a hard time coming to grips with the fact her best friend is truly gone and decides to investigate the case herself.

When she tries to get Meg to join her cause, Kate is rebuffed.

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