Who is jenny dell dating

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It’s that a relationship between a team reporter and someone from the Boston Red Sox organization is being alleged, .Because this isn’t the first, or second, or even third time an incident like this has been speculated on — and at least one of those turned out to be true.Dell, the Red Sox field/sideline reporter for NESN, has been rumored to have been dating Middlebrooks since this summer, but was not confirmed.Many do question whether Jenny Dell dating one of the players she covers presents a conflict of interest.

But the most bizarre part about all of this story may not be the alleged relationship between Moran and Farrell.

The Globe was actually reporting that Dell had been offered a contract extension from NESN, but the paper mentioned in passing that she lives with Middlebrooks. Jenny seems like a nice girl, and she has done a great job of continuing the Red Sox’s tradition of having extremely attractive sideline reporters.

For those of you who need confirmation of that, here are some photos.

Heidi Watney and Jason Varitek From 2008-2011, Heidi Watney covered the Red Sox for NESN.

During that period rumors surfaced that she was dating then-Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, who played for the team from 1997 until his retirement in 2011, and Nick Green, who was with the team for the 2009 season.

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