Who is sean avery dating

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I played hockey, used to love it..the sport, but its presentation on TV has not kept up with the other US sports.

Playoff hockey is still ridiculously great - it doesn't need shootouts like soccer, because you can substitute at will.

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The NHL could not handle the situation internally even if it wanted to because the jackass decided to shoot his mouth off in front of the cameras and not on the ice. And I would venture to guess that nominally, more people watch hockey here in the states than do in Canada. There are a number of reasons why it hasn't taken off (and trust me, in the midwest and the east, it's huge), and I can really only blame the game for one of them- it's not the easiest sport to understand or watch with all rules, and when you don't know where you're supposed to be looking, the puck can be tough to follow on TV. Maybe they will need to move a few of the teams to markets where more people are excited about hockey... Well, somebody paid 4 million for him once, do you think it's incomprehensible that someone will again just because a couple of comments that few will care about in a month? He has a reputation for pulling these types of moves.I also think it was a good idea to keep him out of the Calgary game. None the less, it's still the most action packed sport to watch. What he did Tuesday was lie to his coach and PR department...I have a feeling things would have gotten unnecessarily ugly if he had played. I nearly fall asleep at football and baseball games. They asked if he was going to speak to the media and he said no.....Three overtime victories are unbelievable dramatic, so it's not surprising the average American needs a more immediate payoff, whereas European fans can appreciate the buildup to an amazing....climax.Dallas knew what they were getting when they signed him, he is an agitator and said some things he shoud not have, should of let Phaneuf handle him on the ice.

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